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Welcome to my website, I am Clemente do Rosario, based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I started capturing travel and nature images in Kenya, some 30 years ago with my first SLR, Nikon Nikkormat. Since then I dabbled in wedding photography, portraits, wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, just about everything. I love to photograph, more so now that it is digital, it is a great learning tool. My focus now, is still on travel and nature photography.
I am an active member of the Mississauga Camera Club, an award winning Club based in Ontario, Canada. I served on the committee for ten years as the Editor of the Club’s Newsletter. I have traveled extensively to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Britain, USA, India, Thailand,Bali,Kuala Lumpur,Australia and New Zealand. And of course, also within Canada, so much to see and photograph, this country is breathtaking! If you wish to purchase any of my images, please Email me Clemente do Rosario
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